Refund Policy

This refund policy aims to establish the terms and conditions for guests who wish to request a refund in the event of canceling their vacation rental reservation in Spain. By booking one of our accommodations, the guest accepts and is subject to the following terms:

  1. Guest Cancellation:

1.1. Cancellation more than 30 days in advance: If the guest cancels the reservation at least 30 days before the check-in date, they will be refunded 100% of the total amount paid to date, minus any non-refundable service fees.

1.2. Cancellation within 30 days: If the guest cancels the reservation within 30 days of the check-in date, no refunds will be issued.

  1. Host Cancellation:

2.1. In the event of force majeure or unforeseen issues that prevent the host from honoring the confirmed reservation, the host commits to inform the guest as soon as possible and refund the full amount paid by the guest.

  1. Reservation Modifications by the Guest:

3.1. Date changes: If the guest requests to change the dates of their reservation at least 30 days before the original check-in date, and the accommodation is available for the new requested dates, the change will be made without additional charges.

3.2. Date changes within 30 days: If the guest requests to change the dates of their reservation within 30 days of the original check-in date, it will be subject to accommodation availability and may be subject to additional fees.

  1. No-Show Policy:

4.1. If the guest fails to show up on the check-in date and has not previously canceled the reservation, no refunds will be issued.

  1. Procedure for Requesting a Refund:

5.1. To request a refund, the guest must contact the host or customer service through the email or phone number provided in the booking confirmation.

5.2. The guest must provide the necessary information to identify the reservation, such as the booking number and stay dates.

5.3. The refund will be made using the same payment method used for the reservation, and the processing time may vary depending on the payment method and financial institution.

  1. Exceptional Circumstances:

6.1. In exceptional cases, such as natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to review and modify our refund policy to ensure the satisfaction of both the guest and the host.

  1. Travel Insurance Recommendation:

7.1. Guests are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance that covers possible cancellations and unforeseen circumstances to protect against financial losses.

By booking our vacation rental accommodation in Spain, the guest acknowledges that they have read and understood our refund policy and agree to its terms and conditions. Any exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to the approval and discretion of the host.