Terms & Conditions

Please read these conditions carefully before continuing with your booking.

Your Accommodation Contract

When you make a booking, you confirm that you have the authority to accept, and do accept, on behalf of all your named party these Terms and Conditions.

Any persons staying at the relevant accommodation, who have not been declared to the owner as guests, prior to the start of the rental period, will not be party hereto and will be required to leave the premises immediately and have no redress in law. The validity, construction and performance of these terms shall be governed by Spanish Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts to which the parties submit, expressly waived the jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

Your booking details

The booking information must be clearly estate all visitors including the ages of the children. These mentioned people are the only ones who are permitted to stay at the accommodation unless any other arrangments have been abreed upon and confirmed writing.

A principal member of the party must confirm that the terms and have been read and accepted by completing the online booking details. According to the law 4/2015 protección de seguridad ciudadana art. 2, all guests staying in holiday accommodation MUST be registered at the hostels department of the Guardia Civil (national police force), therefore we need to have the identification cards or passports scanned on arrival for all guests of 16 years and over. This will be done by the property representative who will visit you at the villa. We greatly appreciate your understanding and compliance.

The booking process

1º.- Make your booking and complete all guests details

2º.- Select way of payment (credit/debit card or bank transfer). Please note that any costs associated with the payment need to be incurred by the Client.

After receiving the booking you accept that a 30% of the total booking accommodation will be charge on your credit/debit card. If you have selected bank transfer the booking will be confirmed once the owner´s bank received the payment.

3º.- The pending balance (70%) must be paid upon arrival to Villa Ca´n Manu by credit/debit card or instant bank transfer together with Balearic Island Government EcoTax (1,65 € per day per adult in low season and 2,20 € per day and per adult in high season)

The full balance of all sums must be paid prior to your arrival date. If the full balance due is not paid by the required date, THE OWNER of the property will have the right, without further notice or requirement of any kind, to cancel your booking and retain your deposit as a penalty freely agreed and accepted by the client.

Breakage deposits

The owner reserve his right to ask for a breakage deposit of 600 € to cover possible breakage, damage, theft, excessive dirt, etc. If the owner requests such a deposit, the amount is returned after departure within 10 working days, as long as it has not been necessary to apply all of part of this deposit to any of the concepts indicated above.

In the event that there is a discrepancy between the parties as to whom to deliver the deposit, or what amount to deliver, it will be deposited with the judicial authority for it to decide what to do with it, or it will be made available to the judicial authority until there is a resolution or agreement between the parties. This deposit will not accrue interest of any kind in favor of either party.

Rubbish removal & recycling

In Mallorca recycling is very common place and there are even regular pick ups in town. Recyclable materials are not to be mixed with regular waste.

Villa Ca´n Manu has tri-colour bins for recycling. There are determined days rubbish collection for each type of materials. You will find more info once at Villa Ca´n Manu.

2. Pets

The house has a medium size house for a pet outdoors. Only cats and dogs are allowed. Breed, weigh and size must be informed to THE OWNER. Daily fee is 15 €

2.2 Cleaning, bed linen, gardening, pool and general maintenance, and Special Rquests.

The house will be delivered clean and provided with bed linens and towels. The person in charge of cleaning, as well as the person for pool and general maintenance, reserve the right to hold an access key and enter the property including the inside of the house, even without the presence of the tenant / client. For stays longer than 7 days a weekly cleaning and linen change is offered at no additional cost. This cleaning and linen change will take place as of the seventh day following the entry of customers.

Special requests. – Please submit all your extra services requested in writing before your arrival date through email or phone with the owner

2.9 Force Majeure

“Forcer Majeure” includes unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstances sus as: wars, riots, civil urset, terrorist activities, strikes, a natural or nuclear disaster, fire, travel disruption, unfavourable weather conditions, changes of water level and supply, sale of the property, and situations or circumstances similar to the above. All these circumstances are beyond owner control and even if all precautions to safeguard and exercise due care have been taken, unavoidable events may unfold and the owner can not be held responsable. Consequently, in these cases of “force majeure” the client waives to claim any liability to the owner. If so-colled “force majeure” prevents or affects your holiday, the owner will not be responsible for any damage, loss, disruption or even cancellation of your holiday. THE OWNER shall not be responsible for any delay in performance or non-performance due to any causes beyond its reasonable control. All the same THE OWNER shall, upon the occurrence of any such cause, promptly inform you in writing, stating that such cause has delayed or prevented its performance hereunder and thereafter THE OWNER shall take all action within its power to comply with the terms of this agreement as fully and quickly as possible.

Loss or Theft of Personal Possessions

Villa Ca´n Manu offers security alarm service. Guests are advised to close all doors and windows when leaving the property and make use of the Security Alarm Service and safes for valuables. THE OWNER cannot be held responsible for the theft of any personal belongings whilst on holiday. In the event that you should lose any items of value while on holiday through theft or otherwise, you must report the facts immediately to the local police and obtain a written report. THE OWNER obviously will help out and will inform his Home Insurance. If a report is not obtained, it will be difficult for you to pursue any claim through your holiday insurance.

Pool use and liability

Use of the pool is entirely at your own risk. It is particularly important that children are supervised at all times in and around the pool areas. Guests are responsible for any children in the group at all times and should make sure they do not deface interiors/ exteriors including pool terraces during their stay eg. with crayons, colours, paints of any kind. The cost of any extra cleaning required and/or repairs will be charged for and will be deducted from the retained security deposit. Where the damage exceeds the amount of the security deposit guests will be liable for the full amount due.

Accidents, Injury.

THE OWNER cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury whilst on holiday. We strongly recommend all customers to take out adequate travel insurance to cover health care, cancellation, travel, accident and injury, etc. European residents are advised to obtain an E1.11 now available in card form. This entitles the holder to benefit from reciprocal health agreements, which exist between certain European countries. Please note, that this does not substitute travel insurance in any way and does not cover emergency repatriation if required.

THE OWNER undertakes no responsibility for injuries or illness incurred using the accommodation, private pool, or of any damage or thefts of personal property incurred during your stay.

Arrival At / Vacating Your Property

All guests are required to vacate their property by 10:00 am hours on day of departure to facilitate cleaning and servicing prior to incoming guest’s arrival. You may occupy your property from 16:00 hours. (Except where stated otherwise). These times can however vary and will be stated in your final documentation. Please advise the owner through email or phone of any special request when you make your initial enquiry, early check-in or later check-out and the departures and arrival of other guests on the change-over days, therefore he may possibly only be confirmed nearer to your arrival date. Please inform your local contact person, noted in your initial documentation you receive on payment of your final balance, if your arrival is delayed.


If you have cause to complain during your stay please inform THE OWNER as soon as possible and he or she will of course endeavour to rectify matters promptly. All complaints must be received prior to your departure so as to give THE OWNER the chance to rectify the issue.

The client is knowledgeable and accepts that breakages and failures of the services may occur during the stay. If this occurs, the owner will do everything possible to solve it as soon as possible, without this giving rise to a penalty or compensation of any kind for the client, which the client expressly renounces.

Client´s responsibility.

Es expect each member of the visitin party to behave in a correct and decent manner and the leading person, who has booked the holiday and has acknowledged and accepted this Terms and Conditions, is responsible for the behaviour of each person named on the booking form. In the unfortunate event that either you or any member of your party does not behave in a correct and decent manner you and your party may be requested to vacate the property without receiving a refund of the price.

Social events and functions such as large parties, weddings, receptions, or gatherings involving more people than those currently occupying the accommodation must be agreed upon and notified to THE OWNER before your arrival. An additional charge may be payable by you.